We design your wedding music. Here you have a guide with the steps to follow:


Step 1. Choose your group for the ceremony
Step 2. Choose the songs
Step 3. Put the songs into the moments on the ceremony


The cocktail is the anteroom of your celebration, thats why its need to be well prepared and ambiented, because it will determinate the actitud of your guests at the time of value the organitation of your wedding.
Step 4. Choose the music style for the coktail: classic, jazz, blues, pop, rock, rociero, flamenco, zelta, house…
Step 5. Our assesors will tell you the music groups that can match with the music style selected.

Música para bodas en Murcia


Step 6. The background music during the meal or dinner is fundamental to create a welfare clima between the guests. Now you can see an example of the most asked.

-Grand piano playing classical music, bso from movies and popular songs as spanish as foreign
-Piano and violin
-Violins quartet
-Piano and string trio
-Blues quintet


Step 7. Choose the music for the dance/ bride waltz. Depending on what song you choose for the waltz you may have to put one or another group. Here you have some examples:

– Balads -> singer (male or female)
– Bride waltz -> strings in formation of string trio, string quartet or chamber orchestra
– Sevillanas or rumbas -> guitars and flamenca singer
– Moder dance -> check it with our consultors to see the differents options


Música para bodas en Murcia


Step 8. The music during the open bar is a must, because it will animate your guests to stay and no leave that soon, that’s why we recommend you to choose a group with a lot of gear and a huge music styles, to staisfy everyone. Our team will asessor you with the choise of the group for the open bar.

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