The Day and Night of the Museums 2016 – Flashmob in Plaza de las Flores

The Night of the Museums was celebrated this year throughout Europe on Saturday, May 21. The collaboration between the Ram贸n Gaya Museum and the Iberdrola Foundation allowed to create a complete program of activities among which was the 芦flashmob禄 in the heart of Murcia, in the Plaza de Santa Catalina, which was the culmination of a day full of concerts , guided tours and free exhibitions for everyone.
The Ram贸n Gaya Museum gave us the opportunity to hold a wonderful event that left all the participants with their mouths open. The musicians were appearing by surprise from different points of the square to meet all together with a beautiful white grand piano. Our singer shined like never before and she made everyone’s hair stand out with her interpretation of great musical themes like 芦I will survive禄 performed by Gloria Gaynor, or 芦It’s raining men禄 by The Weather Girls.




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